10 mei International webinar Flood Incident Management England-Netherlands


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On Monday May 10th Rijkswaterstaat and the Environment Agency organises a webinar on Flood Incident Management.

Flood Incident Management

In the webinar, Carol Holt (Deputy Director, Incident Preparedness and Recovery, Environment Agency) and Bart Vonk (Principal Adviser Flood Risk Management at Rijkswaterstaat) will discuss the results of a 4-year bi-lateral exchange on flood incident management. We will be sharing the experiences of collaborating between the two countries during flood events and exercises in the UK and the Netherlands as well as details of the exciting Interreg Livinglab Polder2Cs Project (Hedwige Prosperpolder).

The plenary session, open for all to attend, will be followed by 4 specialist workshops for colleagues from the Environment Agency, RWS and regional water authorities with an operational role in flood incident management (workshops will be through invitation).

In the webinar we will present the advances of international collaboration in the field of flood incident management. What did we learn and implement in our own operations? How do we give each other the opportunity to exchange staff during incidents or exercises? We aim to deepen our knowledge on issues like mobile barriers, carbon zero emission, netcentric information sharing and risk communication.

Who is this webinar for?

The webinar is intended for all who are interested in flood risk management during incidents. We focus especially on operational incident managers, levee inspectors, flood risk specialists and levee engineers.


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This webinar is part of the Rijkswaterstaat International Networking Days 2021.